Welcome to the Inaugural Cell & Gene Therapy Pricing & Reimbursement Summit

Cell and gene therapies are revolutionizing healthcare, offering promising solutions from curative treatments to long-term remission rates. As these treatments enter the market, ensuring fair access while addressing coverage and payment complexities becomes paramount.   

Introducing the inaugural Cell & Gene Therapy Pricing & Reimbursement Summit. Biotech, pharma, physicians, healthcare providers, and regulatory and government agencies will unite to address key issues such as the impact of regulatory acts, implementing pricing models, and collaborating on enhanced reimbursement strategies, aiming to expedite the availability of these advanced therapies to patients.   

With the recent approval of Casgevy by Vertex Pharmaceuticals and CRISPR Therapeutics, and Lyfgenia by bluebird bio; significant strides in healthcare have been made, offering groundbreaking treatments with transformative potential, yet presenting substantial cost challenges. The Inflation Reduction Act and new Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Access Model aim to address these cost concerns by proposing innovative pricing models and reimbursement strategies to ensure affordability and widespread access to these life-changing therapies.  

 Join us this June to discuss the impacts of this legislation and together, we will optimize patient access and propel the success of commercial cell and gene therapy launches. 

The World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Join Fellow Pricing, Market Access & Reimbursement Experts to:

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Connect with other industry leaders to expand your professional network and foster valuable collaborations with Novartis, uniQure, Gilead, Pfizer and many more 

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Gain insights on the CMS Coverage with Evidence Development Model to understand the real-world evidence and health economics perspective with Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, Tufts Medical Centers & Oklahoma Health Care Authority

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Acquire actionable strategies on global healthcare budgeting structures and analyze their ability to handle large one-time payments to better allocate funds with Ultragenyx and bluebird bio 

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Discuss the latest approvals to gain insights into the evolving landscape of public payment dynamics and become a strategic decision-maker with CSL Behring discussing the progress of HEMGENIX

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Learn directly from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services the implications of the Inflation Reduction Act to build clarity on regulatory impacts 

What our speakers have to say:

“Cell and gene therapies are relatively new. The impact of these much-needed therapies within an environment that is changing and evolving, especially post-pandemic, is still being discussed and understood, not only from development, regulatory and patient perspectives but also within the payer and market access landscape. These are interesting and innovative times; I am excited to be a part of moving this conversation forward.”

Manpreet Sidhu, Executive Director, Global Health Economics, Outcomes Research and Epidemiology, Ultragenyx